North hills auto sales on 8440 Sepulveda blvd in north hills California have earned themselves an F rating by the Better business bureau...Thats an F rating on a scale of A to F folks!! It doesn't get much worse than that!

Do jot trust these people, they will tell you whatever you need to hear to sell you a car but once the money changes hands you'll notice an instant shift in their attitude, that's when your on your own. They don't stand behind anything they sell and if you have any problems with your new purchase, even before you leave their parking lot you are told that that's the risk you take when you buy a used car.

That's the risk you take when you buy from North hills auto sales is the better way to put it. Tell everyone you know to stay away from these people and their shady dealings, it's only by doing this that we can run these people out of business and back to the holes that they came out of!

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